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Our experienced team of alternative practitioners from ChiroVital has specialized in and is certified in the field of American and pediatric chiropractic and their manual techniques.

With a holistic approach, environmental analyses, special diagnostic procedures and individual therapy plans, we ensure that our customers regain a high level of quality of life.

Andrew Adam


Silke Düfert


Jasmin Welz

Chiropractic Assistant

Stephanie Buehler

Chiropractic Assistant


Andrew Adam

I found my way to naturopathy through a tragic paragliding accident in May 2003 that fractured three thoracic vertebrae and my sternum.
The therapy in Kufstein Hospital consisted of very strong painkillers, which, however, had no effect.
The only thing these remedies did was change the perception of the pain, but not the intensity. After I was discharged from the hospital, I could hardly cope with my everyday life. After just 10 minutes of walking or standing, I had to lie down for 1 hour to be able to bear the pain and tension in my back to some extent. Since conventional medicine only offered me therapies based on strong painkillers, I began to look around for alternative treatment methods. I finally found what I was looking for during a course in meridian techniques with an osteopath in Switzerland. There I was treated with craniosacral osteopathy for the first time, with the result that my pain dropped to a level that I could bear for almost a week.

Naturopath since 2008

Further treatments followed and I was enthusiastic about this method. Despite a long series of very good treatments, I was no longer able to put full weight on my back as a result of the accident and based on the positive experiences I had personally experienced, in 2005 I began a three-year retraining course to become a non-medical practitioner at the state full-time supplementary school of the Weser vocational training center Ems.
In May 2008, I continued my education with studies at the Chiropractic School in Berlin, where I acquired the original techniques of American chiropractic and deepened my knowledge of osteopathy.

Alternative practitioner practice Heilbronn

Our practice

Welcome to our practice! Come in, feel good, relax: This is the premise on which we run our practice. We take our time for our customers – but without long waiting times.

In our dealings we are friendly but determined – with clear words and honest advice. As modern naturopaths, we always focus on people – and do everything to make life worth living in the long term. In our practice you not only arrive, but also get away from everyday stress.

There are no long waiting times with us, just like standard processing: If you make appointments with us, you can be sure that we will respond to you individually – professionally, sustainably and holistically.

Jasmin Welz

Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

trained medical assistants

responsible for:

  • Organization and coordination of practice processes
  • First appointments (anamnesis)
  • Appointments
  • patient care and counseling
  • accounting

Stephanie Buehler

Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

trained industrial clerk

responsible for:

  • Reception
  • First appointments (anamnesis)
  • Appointments
  • Patient care and advice
  • accounting

Andrew Adam


2005 to 2008
3-year training as a non-medical practitioner at the State Supplementary School Vocational Training Center Weser Ems in Bookholzberg. In addition to the medical training, 633 hours of naturopathy were also part of the training, as well as a 3-week internship in a naturopathic practice with a term paper on a naturopathic form of therapy.
Completion of the school education with an examination by the Lower Saxony state school authority. Graduated as a non-medical practitioner (§ 161 NSchG) medical officer examination before the Aurich health department

Regular training and further education in American chiropractic and osteopathy

Franz Xaver Huber (Basel)
Cranio: Craniosacral and Meridian Techniques

2008 to 2015:
Chiropractic School / Chiropractic Academy Berlin:
SOT: Sacro Occipital Technique
Activator: instrument technique
Cervical Technique TTPT: Thompson Terminal Point Technique
Craniopathy: Technique for cranial bones
MOT: Manual Organ Technique
CMRT: Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique
Gonstead technique: Special manual technique
COX: Intervertebral disc technique
Upper cervical: technique for the upper cervical spine

One year as an assistant in Eva Maria Hohmann’s naturopathic practice / practice for American chiropractic and osteopathy in Frankfurt

January 2011:
Reopening of the practice for American chiropractic and osteopathy in Heilbronn

DAGC/ Chiropractic Campus
TTPT: Thompson Terminal Point Technique
FSST: Full Spine Specific Technique
Pediatric: Children’s Chiropractic

3D Chiro seminars
TTPT: Thompson Terminal Point Technique +Advanced Drop Table
FSST: Full Spine Specific Technique
Stew Bittman: Chiropractic from the Heart

European Spinology Tutorial Valencia Spain
Spinology Intensive Techniques

FUCA Methodology Fujibuchi School Japan
FUCA base
FUCA master

dr Adam Del Torto (Doctor of Chiropractic USA)
CFR: CranioFacial Releasees (special technique to release the skull bones)

AIC Dr. Mark Styers (Doctor of Chiropractic USA) in Vitalistic Chiropractic
Pediatric: Children’s Chiropractic
Upper cervical: technique for the upper cervical spine
Neuro-ERB: Emotional Re-Balancing
SOT: Sacro Occipital Technique
CMRT: Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique

Regular education and training at the
German chiropractic congresses Chiro Europe seminars and congresses (Dr. Mark Hudson Doctor of Chiropractic USA)

Regular training and further education at home and abroad are essential for our practice
and employees Mandatory.

Member of the BDC: (Association of German Chiropractors)
Member of the DAGC: (German-American Society for Chiropractic eV)
Member of ACON: (working group for chiropractic and osteopathy eV)
Member of the BDH: (Association of German Alternative Practitioners)

further education

In order to always be up to date in all aspects of treatment methods for you, we invest a lot of money and time in our training year after year.

After all, nutrition, exercise, work-life balance and psychological well-being play a central role in a holistic health assessment.

And we strive to always be able to benefit from the latest findings in all these areas in order to always be able to offer our customers optimal, up-to-date treatment.

Silke Düfert


vocational training
2000 – 2001
Jörg Zürn Passed the probationary period at the Überlingen Vocational College for Biological Technical Assistants

2001 – 2003
Vocational college in Waldenburg – training as a state-approved gymnastics teacher and sports therapist (state examination)

2003 – 2004
Vocational college in Waldenburg – further training in health education

2007 – 20011
Professional external qualification as a specialist in system gastronomy

2012 – 2014
Paracelsus School Heilbronn – non-medical practitioner training non-medical practitioner

2004 – 2006
Life Fitness and Health Studio GmbH Ilsfeld – Freelancer. sports therapist

2006 – 2006
Thera-Vital Studio Beilstein – sports therapy and health training

2007 – 2013
Wunnenstein Ost motorway rest stop, Burger King deputy managing director, specialist. system gastronomy

since 2013
Practice for American Chiropractic Andreas Adam Heilbronn Chiropractic assistant and chiropractor for children Naturopath

2014 – 2015
maternity leave

additional qualification
2001 – 2004
Sports therapy orthopaedics/ traumatology
Sports therapy, internal medicine, gerontology
Medical trainings therapy
back school teacher
Fitness trainer aerobics/ step aerobics
Health education – aqua concepts, experiential education for children and adults and therapeutic climbing
STB and DTB trainer license B widths and health sports
Children’s gymnastics, parent-child gymnastics, movement promotion and psychomotor skills in preschool children
Training in hormone yoga

October 2014
DAGC Congress Hamburg

June 2015
CA seminar in Munich

September 2015
Chiropractic from the Heart with Stew Bittmann, 3D Chiroseminare Munich

November 2015
BDC Congress Frankfurt

April 2016
Chiroeurope in Malaga / Spain

01/2016 – 03/2016
American Institute of Chiropractic Chiropractic Pediatrics

June 2016
CA seminar in Frankfurt

10/2016 – 11/2016
Chiropractic Campus Hamburg Steps in Pediatric at Dr Laura Hanson DC

11/2016 – 12/2016
Chiropractic Campus Hamburg Training in Thompsen Terminal Point Technique

American Institute of Chiropractic
2 year training in American Chiropractic with Mark J Styers
Completed Modules
Chiro Basic Palpation
Sacro Occipital Technique
Full spine technique
Neuro-emotional rebalancing

May 2017
Mallorca Healing Festival

June 2017
CA seminar in Munich

October 2017
Healing Festival in Mallorca

01.2017 ongoing
Training at The Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology Germany Training in neuromotor development support