Naturopath in Heilbronn

The naturopath is the only group of people besides the doctor in Germany who are allowed to practice medicine, i.e. to heal or alleviate illnesses or physical injuries, to determine and treat people if they have permission to do so under the Heilpraktikergesetz (Heilpraktikergesetz).

Compared to other healthcare professions such as (physiotherapists, ergotherapists), we are not bound by instructions and are free to choose the method of treating the individual patient.

treatment methods

Naturopaths offer alternative medical treatment methods.

For naturopaths , the human body is a complete system of body and mind. This holistic approach very often collides with the conventional medical approach, which starts with symptoms and looks for the physical causes. The treatment methods of alternative medicine are often not scientifically proven.

Alternative healing methods are generally therapeutic approaches that offer an alternative to conventional medicine. Some of the treatment options are not so far removed from classical medicine and are now even included in the therapy concept of rehabilitation facilities. Most methods go back to nature, the actual origin of the human organism. Many alternative therapies use natural processes to activate the body’s energy flow and self-healing powers.

What distinguishes us from conventional medicine

Alternative medicine is not just about treating the symptoms.

The focus is on the person as a whole, which means that mental health, nutrition and living conditions are also taken into account. This holistic approach enables a form of treatment tailored to the individual, which is often not possible in conventional medicine. That alone is the reason for many to give alternative healing methods a chance.

Because when orthodox doctors reach their limits in the treatment of chronic diseases, non- medical practitioners take a different path.

Our core competence

In our practice we have decided to use osteopathic and chiropractic treatment methods. Both methods were developed in America and are manual types of therapy in which the therapist treats exclusively with his hands and no drugs are used. Both methods are independent forms of diagnostics and medicine.

We work here with a vitalistic form of health care that is aimed at maintaining the function of the human body. Chirovital was founded by us to be able to offer the people of Heilbronn exactly this type of treatment.

Cost of naturopaths

Important NOTE:

Both the statutory health insurance companies and private health insurers usually do not bear the costs for many alternative healing methods.

Precisely because – as already mentioned above – the effectiveness of many methods has not been scientifically proven.

For patients who are considering using one of our procedures, see below: it makes sense to find out more about reimbursement in advance of treatment.

Why you should contact us

In a friendly and open atmosphere, our naturopaths in Heilbronn treat our patients as equals, as team partners on their way back to health and well-being.

In order to be allowed to use these treatments, the alternative practitioner license is legally required in Germany. See links to the job profile and medical journal: http://dx.doi.org/ 10.1055/a-1253-2634

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