The aim and conceptual approach of American chiropractic is to activate the body’s self-healing powers in order to enable it to be healthy.

This philosophy requires a holistic understanding of health. Because health is not just the absence of illness, it is the harmonious interplay of 5 pillars: nutrition, exercise, work-life balance, mental well-being and an intact nervous system.

Or as the founder of chiropractic, DD Palmer, puts it, “Chiropractors correct abnormalities in the intellect as well as those of the body.”

American Chiropractic

We are not purely treating symptoms. But companion. As such, our goal is always the same: to help you achieve better health, well-being and – in the truest sense of the word – balance in the long term. The treatments in our Naturopath practice in Heilbronn  are just one of the 5 methodical steps of our proven approach.

The human body is designed by nature to be healthy. Neither age nor gender play a role. Accordingly, he has all the tools he needs to self-regulate or strengthen himself if necessary. Vertebrae that have lost their natural position and no longer transmit impulses unhindered can lead to nerve disorders or misalignments of the spine. 

Causes can be accidents and injuries, birth trauma, stress reactions, incorrect posture or nutrition. We release these blockages and support the natural self-healing powers. In order to achieve this: we correct misalignments of the vertebrae, we take pressure off the nerves and teach ways to more sustainable health.

We help children  and infantsyoungstersadults and professionalspregnant women seniorsoperated  and athletes .

This is how we help you

At ChiroVital, everything is based on the motto: “Help for self-help.” Because: Our actions are based on the firm conviction that the body is able to help itself – we only provide the support to do so. We relieve the pressure and stress on the nervous system. We free vertebral misalignments (subluxations). We promote the regeneration and performance of your body, ensure a free flow of information from and to the brain, bring body and mind into harmony and use a wide variety of recognized therapies. We decide which treatment methods are used based on the individual needs of our customers. Essentially, we focus on the following techniques: SOT – Sacro Occiptal Technique, MOT – Manual Organ Therapy, Low Forde Technique, COX Decompression Adjustment, TTPT – Thompson Terminal Point Technique, Craniopathy – Treatment of the cranial bones and cervical spine – Cervical Spine Technique.

Vitalistic treatment approach

BJ Palmer, one of the pioneers of American chiropractic, once said, “Herin lies the greatest transformative value of chiropractic: it adjusts the causes, but does not treat the symptoms.” We follow this principle of the vitalistic treatment approach. In our chiropractor practice in Heilbronn, we do not treat the symptoms, but the cause of the complaints.

Sustainable treatment success

When we have achieved the desired state of health, a few treatment appointments at regular intervals are sufficient to maintain it in the long term. This also includes advice on topics such as nutrition, exercise, work-life balance and mental well-being. Because they play a central role in a holistic health assessment and for the success of our treatment.

Activated self-healing powers bring the body into balance

In the human body, all organs and processes are linked via the central nervous system. Disturbances or irritations of this system are often caused by the stresses of everyday life: accidents, sitting for too long, incorrect and relieving postures. We work on your body’s central computer with the aim of restoring its undisturbed natural functionality. This is how we activate self-healing and natural regulatory processes.

Highest professional competence through further and advanced training

A high annual training budget is a matter of course for us in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible treatment. Because only if we are always up to date with all methods and findings can we offer our customers the optimal therapy with a clear conscience.

Fast and effective treatment results

After just a few treatments, we will achieve a noticeable improvement for you. In this way, we can often relieve acute pain or restricted mobility in the first therapy session.

Permanently free of symptoms and at a high level of performance thanks to preventive treatment

American chiropractic helps our clients in our performance-oriented society to be permanently, physically and mentally healthy. A professional, sustainable chiropractic treatment can have many positive effects, including: better sleep, a higher ability to concentrate, a better general well-being and a new body feeling with more energy.